• Kerry Kirksmith

    ….was one of the owners of the original Surfing Dogs of San Diego in the 1990’s. They were featured in news articles, commercials, and ad layouts around the world. Over the years, Kerry began thinking about creating children’s entertainment around the core idea of some loveable surfing dogs and the humans they live with.

  • Kevin VanHook

    ….is a filmmaker who began his career in storytelling. He has written and or drawn for nearly every major comic book published in America, including SUPERMAN and BATMAN for DC Comics and co-creating the original Valiant Comics hero BLOODSHOT.

  • Tina Francisco

    ….is an artist who lives in the Philippines. She was born in Sta. Maria in the province of Bulacan and grew up in a small barrio called Cay Pombo. Tina has worked in animation as well as comic books and is sought-after around the world for her wonderful storytelling.

  • Mae Hao

    …brings spectrum of color to the world of The WaveHoundz. Having worked extensively with Tina, she knows just how to enhance the the line art without obstructing details. Her talent and skills make her a valuable part of the team.

  • Glass House Graphics

    …is the company that brought us all together. Without David Campiti and Michelle Principe there would be no book in your hands right now. Their ability to find worerful artists and team them with projects is unmatched in the industry.

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